Nuclear Sky: The Experiment

Nuclear Sky: The Experiment is a devised theatre piece exploring the dehumanizing consequences of war, technology and contemporary society. It was presented by Title 66 Productions at the Théâtre Rouge du Conservatoire in Montreal, Quebec as part of Printemps numérique.

Performers: Geneviève Bolla, Adam Capriolo, Béata Groves, Gitanjali Jain, Natalie Liconti, Adrian Manicom, Arielle Palik, Patrick Rogers, Ilana Zackon
Co-Directors: Jeremy Michael Segal & Logan Williams 
Stage Manager & Dramaturge: Gabriela Saltiel 
Technical Director: Corey MacVicar
Set Designer: Lenka Novakova 
Costume Designer: Clara Congdon 
Lighting Designer: Cédric Delorme-Bouchard
Sound Designer: Joseph Browne 
Video Designer: Kenny Lefebvre 
Projection Mapping: Nikolaos Chandolias & Omar Faleh
Props Designer: Roze Bell 
Assistant Stage Manager: Emelia Hellman 
Live Camera Operator & Stage Hand: Delphine DiTecco 

Images 1, 3, 5, 7-9: Stills from video by Pier Olivier Bourgault.
Images 2, 4, 6: Photos by Marc-André Goulet. 
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