Possessions Book

22 pages
Binding: Stitched
Fabric, paper, ink, sewing thread, embroidery thread, hook & eye
24 x 18 x 9 cm (closed) 24 x 34 x 5 cm (open)

Possessions is an artist's book created in response to Physicians’ Anatomical Aid (1888), a medical reference featuring interactive diagrams of the human body. The piece consists of a hand-stitched cloth book form with pocket-like pages based on the Blizzard Book design by Hedi Kyle. Inside the pockets are inkjet prints of twenty-two human body parts: seventeen bones/bone groupings and the five vital organs. The prints were created from digital scans of hand-embroidered fabric collagesBy emphasizing the parallels between a physical book and a physical body, and examining the effects of digitization on the perception of ownership, Possessions reframes the human body through a feminist lens as something that we have as opposed to something that we are.

This piece was conceived for Handy Books, an exhibition organized by the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Artists were asked to draw upon 'handy books' held in University of Iowa Special Collections as inspiration for new works that engage not just the eye, but also invite the reader to engage their hands in the use of the book. 

Possessions was exhibited at the University of Iowa Center for the Book's Merker Gallery and the University of Iowa Special Collections Main Library in Iowa City. It was also featured in an article written by UICB Associate Professor Julia Leonard for Book Arts arts du livre Canada magazine.  

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